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This Display box has

12 colors (Ivory, Almond, Warm Nude, Soft Beige, Natural Beige, Vanilla, Gold Ivory, Warm Vanilla, Porcelain, Nude, Caramel Beige and Maple) x 3 pcs each color = 36 pcs

Each piece is individually packaged!


You can also purchase by its Refill boxes. If you are interested in purchasing the 6 pcs refill box of each color style, please take a look at CO-2NPF-#

  • CO-2NPF-09 #1 Ivory
  • CO-2NPF-11 #2 Almond
  • CO-2NPF-10 #3 Warm Nude
  • CO-2NPF-15 #4 Soft Beige
  • CO-2NPF-04 #5 Natural Beige
  • CO-2NPF-12 #6 Vanilla
  • CO-2NPF-16 #7 Gold Ivory
  • CO-2NPF-17 #8 Warm Vanilla
  • CO-2NPF-18 #9 Porcelain
  • CO-2NPF-19 #10 Nude
  • CO-2NPF-20 #11 Caramel Beige
  • CO-2NPF-21 #12 Maple


This New Two-Way Powder Foundation gives skin an instantly smooth, full cover and weightless finish. This soft matte foundation resists sweat and humidity. Look beautiful in your natural skin tone all day long. 


What you'll love: 

  • Full Coverage
  • Weightless
  • Waterproof
  • Comfort Matte Finish
  • Hydrating
  • 12 Colors


How to Use: Apply wet or dry. For a sheer, soft matte finish, apply dry with a powder brush. For a medium to full-coverage, matte finish, blend product on skin with a damp sponge or blending sponge.



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