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This Display box has

6 colors (Fair, Light, Medium Light, Medium Olive, Honey and Cacao) x 6 pcs each color = 36 pcs


You can also purchase by its Refill boxes. If you are interested in purchasing the 12 pcs refill box of each color style, please check out CO-ABFF-#

  • CO-ABFF #1 Fair
  • CO-ABFF #2 Light
  • CO-ABFF #3 Medium Light
  • CO-ABFF #4 Medium Olive
  • CO-ABFF #5 Honey
  • CO-ABFF #6 Cacao


[NEW] My BFF Concealer completely covers dark circles, hyper-pigmentation, redness, and pimples. The waterproof formula doesn’t crease or sit in fine lines.

What you'll love: 

  • Full coverage
  • Weightless
  • Comfort matte finish
  • Hydrating
  • Waterproof


How to Use: For dark circles: Apply three dots to the inner half of the under-eye area, focusing on where the darkness is, then blend outward. For blemishes: Use your finger to dot concealer onto the blemish. For redness: Apply directly to any red or discolored areas, then blend outward.


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