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This is 6 pcs refill box purchase option for CO-FLBD Flush Blush! Each refill box has 6 Flush Blush of the same color style and individually packed! There are 12 different color styles of the Flush Blush. 


Please choose which color you’d like! 

  • CO-FLB-01 Fresh
  • CO-FLB-02 Coral
  • CO-FLB-03 Sweet
  • CO-FLB-04 Peach
  • CO-FLB-05 Ginger
  • CO-FLB-06 Rośe
  • CO-FLB-07 Bare
  • CO-FLB-08 Grapefruit
  • CO-FLB-09 Punch
  • CO-FLB-10 Berry
  • CO-FLB-11 Plum
  • CO-FLB-12 Mocha

FLUSH BLUSH #08 Grapefruit (REFILL)-6PCS

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